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Club Fees




Pay ... $2590
Dec 1, 2017 $990
Jan 1, 2018 $400
Feb 1, 2018 $400
Mar 1, 2018 $400
Apr 1, 2018 $400
Total $2590
(Pay in Full by Credit Card) ($2490)

If you pay IN FULL by CREDIT CARD or CHECK, you receive the discounted rate of $2490

Payment types cannot be mixed.  If you start your payment by CHECK, all following payments must be made by CHECK, and vice versa.

Practice Only Players

$950 per player

Practice players must try out for the team they intend to play.  Each team will have a limit of 2-3 practice players at the discretion of the team coaching staff.


Pay ... $2690
Dec 1, 2017 $1090
Jan 1, 2018 $400
Feb 1, 2018 $400
Mar 1, 2018 $400
Apr 1, 2018 $400
Total $2690
(Pay in full by Check) ($2490)

What's included

Base fees are standardized across all teams. These fees cover: a) two overnight multi-day tournaments -  (two hotel nights per tournament); b) one local multi-day tournament (D.C. Classic - no hotel nights), and 6-7 local tournaments (including NOVA hosted tournaments). Club fees also include (but are not limited to) such items as: uniforms, bags, warm-ups, tournament entry fees, practice facilities, administration, coaches stipends, etc.

Are Teams Limited to the Basic Number of Tournaments?

NOVA teams are flexible in its scheduling.  In addition to the base number of tournaments, teams may choose to add additional tournaments to their schedule.  This is entirely up to the coach and their team.  In such cases, the team is responsible for any addition costs.